Dave Aycock On How To Turbocharge Your Job Hunt As A Veteran

Our General Manager, Dave Aycock, was recently featured in Military Times!

How To Turbocharge Your Job Hunt | by Jon R. Anderson

Dave Aycock remembers how proud he felt as a young Marine infantryman buying his first vehicle, a used Chevy Blazer, from one of the car lots near his first duty station in Washington state.

And he remembers all too well how bad he felt when things started to go wrong with the truck just a few days later.

"They acted like they didn't even know who I was," he says.

When he got out of the military after a few years, a Marine Corps buddy convinced him come try a job as a car salesman. Aycock wasn't sure what made a good salesman, but he knew exactly the kind he didn't want to be.

From the very start, he says, he wanted "to change the bad reputation of the car business one customer at a time."

By all accounts, he's been doing just that ever since.